Okinawa SDGs International Cooperation Network Formation Program_The 4th Seminar was held!

\ The 4th Seminar was held at JICA Okinawa⭐️/

Hello! This is NPO Requio Wings.

The other day, the 4th seminar was held in JICA Okinawa.😊

It was held at a gymnasium where we could keep a distance to prevent infectious diseases, and we were able to hold a workshop with the cooperation of everyone who participated. We would like to thank everyone who participated for their cooperation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again.

At this seminar, we were able to come up with 16 ideas for collaboration between specific companies and NGOs by category. I would like to work with you at the next seminar so that this cooperation plan can be materialized.

The next seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28th. The content will introduce the creation of business proposals in collaboration with companies and NGOs, and the efforts of SDGs and NGOs by inviting lecturers from outside the prefecture online!

Let's work together to contribute to the SDGs from Okinawa through collaboration between companies and NGOs.

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