The Okinawa House Opening Ceremony was held in Victoria, Philippines!

The opening ceremony of the tourist facility "Okinawa no Ie", which was born through the "Project for Strengthening Regional Revitalization for the Independent Development of Nanjo City and Victorias City", was held on April 11, 2019. I did. I will introduce the situation with a photo.

The roof tiles like red tiles, Himpun, and Shisa (produced in Nanjo City) are all in the atmosphere of Okinawa!
Greetings from the Mayor of Victorious
Dance by Filipino students
Showcase of traditional Okinawan performing arts
Ribbon cut
Take a commemorative photo with Tory in the "Okinawa House" with the Nanjo City booth in the background!
Victorias City booth in "Okinawa House"
At the Victorias City booth, you can also buy special products made in Victorias City.
You can also experience wearing traditional Victorias costumes.

When you go to Victorias City, Philippines, please do not miss it.