Report of 2016 "Administrative Strengthening Course for Disparity Countermeasures in Basic Education"

In fiscal 2016, a total of two training sessions were held. In Course A, a total of 10 people from eight countries, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ghana, Madagascar, Niger, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Zambia, and in Course B, Cambodia, Iraq, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. We accepted a total of 7 trainees from 4 countries.

Based on the educational issues of each country, lectures on the history and characteristics of education in Japan and Okinawa Prefecture, educational administration systems and efforts to deal with disparities, visits to elementary, junior high and special needs schools on the main island, and A course Ishigaki in remote island training・ Visit to elementary and junior high schools in Nishi-Omotesando, B course Miyako and Taramajima, and conducted training to introduce Okinawa Prefecture's educational administration, schools, parents (regional) thinking about education and efforts to solve problems. It was.

In addition to the existing training, we have newly provided individual guidance to summarize the final results of the training, and made efforts to improve the feasibility of solving educational problems in each country after returning to Japan.

Visit to elementary school on the main island

State of group work

Try on Okinawan karate clothes

The way to visit elementary and junior high schools on Iriomote Island, which is called an isolated island on land

Visit to Okinawa Prefectural Education Center

Lunch experience at Honjima Junior High School

Visit to Tarama Island School

State of individual guidance

State of opinion exchange meeting with Shimajiri district teachers

Group photo of the closing ceremony