Lequio Wings is a unique technology that is suitable for Okinawa's citizens and other global citizens as an island of Okinawa's exchange and symbiosis that is open to the world, and that is unique to Okinawa's unique culture/history, subtropics and islands. It was established with the purpose of contributing to the true independence of Okinawa by conducting business related to international cooperation, international exchange, human resource development, etc., utilizing our know-how and our experience and network.


Message from the President

Lequio Wings celebrates its 8th anniversary.

NPO Lequio wings was established by people including the alumnus of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers who are strongly willing to make a change in society.

The ultimate goal of Lequio wings is to contribute to establishment of sustainable development of Okinawa’s human resource and economy through international cooperation, international exchange, and human resource development which connect people and things between Okinawa and the world.

Today, we draw up medium-term plan (2019-2021) to achieve further institutional enforcement of the organization, and we put more effort in contribution to SDGs which is till 2030 and to Okinawa 21st century vision.

In addition, we aim to strengthen cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency Okinawa and to collaborate with the prefectural municipalities and other variety of organizations, that we enrich our business description to be an NPO that develops together with them.

NPO Lequio Wings
President Chochu Awa

board member

Chairman Awa Asada
Former Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer Career Counselor, Former Chief of Okinawa Prefecture Miyako Branch
Vice ChairmanTakeshi Kushima
Former Youth Overseas Cooperation/Tanzania Dispatch
Vice ChairmanNobuyuki Ogura
University of the Ryukyus Emeritus Professor/Academic Ph.D.
AuditorTomoyuki Samejima
revolve representative
Senior overseas volunteer dispatch to Papua New Guinea
DirectorsToshihiko Uehara
Former Okinawa Prefecture Compulsory Education Section Chief / Former Elementary School Chief
DirectorsShigeo Nakamoto
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer/Tanzania dispatch

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