"2018 Asian Youth Human Resource Development / Network Formation Project" has been successfully completed!

The 15-day program, in which 22 students from 11 countries and regions in Asia and 18 high school students from Nanjo City, Ie Village, Tokashiki Village, etc. deepened their learning and fostered friendship, was successfully completed.

In the program, we cultivated a global spirit that enables us to play an active role in the region in the future by learning a wide variety of ways of thinking and discovering the attractions and issues of the region by interacting with each other while experiencing different cultures.

On the final day, we freely expressed a summary of the learning outcomes, such as what we have learned in the three cities and villages and what we would like to practice using our network in the future, through musicals, dance, and theater.

Participants said, "By actively communicating with foreigners, you can find out what the Japanese are lacking." "Because it is safe to have a war anywhere now, participate in this program. We received various comments such as "Not only our own country but each country should think about world peace." I was able to feel the growth of each participant through the program.

I'm looking forward to their future! Thank you for 15 days!

▼ Received the Executive Committee Chairman's Award

▼ Commemorative photo after the closing reception

▼ Final result announcement

▼ Final result announcement

▼ Eisa performance ▼ Certificate of completion