Information on "Next Generation Okinawa International Human Resources Development Project for Achieving SDGs-Okinawa SDGs Youth-Results Report Meeting"

Next-generation Okinawa International Human Resource Development Project to Achieve SDGs
~Okinawa SDGs Youth~
Achievement briefing session

Date and time: Thursday, March 3, 2022 14: 00-17: 00
Location: JICA Okinawa Nirai Hall 3rd Floor Multipurpose Room

With the support of the Japan Foundation and the cooperation of JICA Okinawa, the NPO corporation Requio Wings learns the knowledge and know-how for young people in Okinawa to practice international cooperation, and is a "top runner of international cooperation" that serves as a bridge between Okinawa and the world. We have been implementing the "Next Generation Okinawa International Human Resource Development Project (commonly known as Okinawa SDGs Youth)" for one year from April 2021 with the aim of becoming "SDGs".

[Purpose] A new project that can contribute to the SDGs and the Okinawa 21st Century Vision "Island of Exchange and Coexistence Open to the World" is proposed and aimed at fostering international human resources for the next generation with the aim of putting it into practice. increase.

[Activities] Members of the Okinawa SDGs Youth have been working on ➀ acquisition of knowledge and know-how regarding international exchange and cooperation in Okinawa, ➁ experience of internships at NGOs, etc., and ➂ planning documents.

This time, the young people who will lead the future of Okinawa will hold a result report meeting as a culmination of their learning so far.
Therefore, the program marked above will be held from 14:00 on March 3 (Thursday), so please join us. Please see the attached program for details. In addition, please wear a mask when you come to the venue to prevent infectious diseases. Please note that the implementation method may change depending on the situation.
If you would like to participate, please contact the following inquiries by February 25, 2022 (Friday).

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Contact / Organizer: NPO Requio Wings (Okinawa SDGs Youth)
TEL: 098-943-8919 Email:

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