Okinawa SDGs International Cooperation Network Formation Program_Notice of the 4th Seminar

\ The 4th Seminar will be held on September 24th (Thursday)! /

Hello! This is NPO Requio Wings. We are pleased to announce the 4th Seminar on Thursday, September 24th.

In this seminar, we will consider the realization of a new collaborative project between companies and NGOs.

Participation from this seminar is also possible, so if you would like to participate, please download the application form, fill in the participation application form, and email info@lequiowings.orgPlease send it to

・ Date: September 24th (Thursday) 14: 00-18: 00 (planned)

・ Place: JICA Okinawa ・ Application deadline: Thursday, September 17

・ Application form:download

You can also see the state of the 3rd seminar from this YouTube.

Companies promoting SDGs! NGOs who want to collaborate with companies! We look forward to your participation 😃

(Note) This program will be implemented in accordance with the "Guidelines for Implementation of Events Sponsored by JICA Okinawa for New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases", etc., so please note that the implementation method may change.