Asia Youth Human Resource Development / Network Formation Business 2018 will start.

Hello! This is the AY❤NIT2018 secretariat (Requio Wings).
From tomorrow, high school students from "11 countries and regions in Asia" will come to Okinawa, and a 14-day midsummer program will begin to form an international exchange network while developing global human resources!
Daily events will be updated daily from tomorrow.

Hello, every AYNIT families!
So we are going to start AY ❤ NIT 2018 program from tomorrow! As same as last year, high school students from different countries and regions in Asian will be gathered in Okinawa.
We are really excited about welcoming all of you, new AYNIT families 2018 🙂
We all staff are looking forward to seeing you in here, Okinawa! Please have a safe trip.
We are going to update every day's program, so please check it out!