We have formulated the next action plan for general business owners

Specified non-profit organization Requio Wings General business owner action plan


1.計画期間 令和3年5月1日~令和6年4月30日までの3年間
2. 2. Contents The goals to be posted below

Goal 1: To ensure the health of female workers during pregnancy and after childbirth, disseminate the system to workers, provide information, and implement a consultation system.
・ Disseminate information to employees through materials related to the system
・ Implementation of consultation system

Goal 2: Disseminate various systems such as childcare leave based on the Childcare / Nursing Care Leave Law, childcare leave benefits based on the Employment Insurance Law, and prenatal and postnatal leave based on the Labor Standards Law.
・ Investigation of various systems based on the law
・ Create materials related to the system and make them known to employees