Donation Thanks-Fly Anai! project-

[Thank you for donations]
Thank you to everyone who supports the Fly Anay! Project for all the donations.There is. We would like to thank all the secretariats from the bottom of our hearts.
Firmly the energy of everyone who connected to the actionTake it in your heart and let it meet with everyone who is waiting in the Philippines, We will come back with our own fruits.

As of 12:00 pm on 1/25 (Friday) 162,410 yen
Up to the target amount of 200,000 yen 37,590 yen (81% achieved)

Of this amount, 32,310 yen is for Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing staff and students.It was brought in. Please sympathize with the project, and againThank you very much for supporting and guiding us around this time.I will!