Re-recognize Okinawan roots! JICA Japanese training

2018 JICA Japanese training "Learning through soft power utilization and regional revitalization through re-recognition of Okinawa roots" training was held.

Period: December 10, 2018-December 21, 2018

Participants: 12 Japanese trainees (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia)

This training was conducted with the aim of allowing Nikkei with roots in Okinawa to reaffirm their roots and utilize the soft power of Okinawa to contribute to the revitalization and development of the Nikkei social community. We have created a training structure that allows you to experience the traditional culture, music, nature, etc. that are the "soft power" of Okinawa, as well as the combination of high-quality lectures, inspections, exercises, and experiences by the front-line instructors of Okinawa.

It was also an opportunity to interact with many Okinawan people such as lecturers, places to visit, private lodgings, Eisa groups, workshop participants, relatives living in Okinawa, and all Japanese trainees said that they felt "Ichariba Choday". Was there. It was a unique training that brought about results from the feelings for Okinawa and the interaction between people.

At Requio Wings, we will continue to contribute to the development of the Uchina Network by continuing such Japanese-affiliated training.

I learned the history of Okinawa
I learned Okinawan longevity cooking
I experienced the karate experience of Okinawa
Participated in the World Eisa Experience
I thought about Okinawa and the world with the participants in the prefecture
Announced the project plan after returning to Japan
Reported the training to the Vice Governor of Okinawa Prefecture, and all returned home safely.