FY2018 "Administrative Strengthening Course to Measure Disparities in Basic Education" has completed successfully!

In 2018, a total of two training sessions were held. In Course A, a total of eight people from eight countries, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Zambia, and in Course B, Cambodia, India, Iraq, Kiribas, and Morocco. We have accepted a total of 9 trainees from 9 countries, Myanmar, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

Based on the educational issues of each country, the history and characteristics of education in Japan and Okinawa Prefecture, the educational administration system and efforts to deal with disparities, the educational administration of Okinawa Prefecture, schools, and the way of thinking and solving issues regarding education of parents (regions) We also gave lectures on our efforts, visited elementary, junior high and special needs schools on the main island, and visited Ie Village Ie Elementary School and Ie Village Ie Elementary School on Course A Ie Island for remote island training. In the B course, we visited Yonaguni Elementary School in Yonaguni Island, Yonaguni Junior High School in Yonaguni Town, and Kube Ryo Elementary School in Yonaguni Town.

I think it was a great opportunity for both the trainees and the children in Okinawa.

Peace learning at Okinawa Peace Memorial Park
School tour
Opinion exchange meeting with faculty members