2019 JICA Youth Training Program for Philippines Agribusiness/Agritourism Course

Opening ceremony at JICA Okinawa

For two weeks from February 14th to 28th, 2020, we conducted training on agribusiness and agritourism in various parts of Okinawa.

In this fiscal year, 19 young government officials and extension workers engaged in agribusiness and agritourism were selected from all over the Philippines. Trainees will take lectures on the sixth industrialization of Japan/Okinawa prefecture, tourism industry, examples of regional revitalization, and experience agritourism tours in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa. I have deepened my knowledge on how to utilize the product in my country.

Lecture on a regional revitalization example in Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawa cooking experience using harvested vegetables

Before coming to Japan, we decided on an overall leader and a leader for each training day, and as a whole, it was an inclusive and highly united team with the cooperation of the trainees. Not only the instructor and the training destination, but also the training supervisor, the bus driver, and the care of our training consignment organization were seen. It was a trainee who had a real awareness as a Young Leader!

At a feasible action plan presentation

Requio Wings, an NPO, wishes all the trainees further success in the further development of agribusiness and agritourism in the Philippines. Icharibachi!

This training will be held in the next year. We look forward to the participation of young leaders who will lead the future of the agribusiness and agritourism fields.