It was published in the leaflet of JICA Okinawa Grassroots Technical Cooperation Project!

The leaflet of the grassroots technical cooperation project created by JICA Okinawa featured the efforts of Requio Wings (a project to strengthen regional vitality for the independent development of Nanjo City and Victorias City).

What is JICA Grassroots Technical Cooperation Project?

This is a project that JICA examines, adopts, and supports by proposing cooperation activities for developing countries that Japanese NGOs, NPOs, local governments, universities, citizens, etc. have planned by making use of the technology that they have cultivated so far. It is now commonplace in Japan, and most of the time it is based on familiar technologies that seemingly do not seem to be useful to someone.

Furthermore, in Okinawa, there are many things that make use of "Okinawa's unique <island, subtropical, unique history and culture> experience and knowledge".

(Quoted from JICA Grassroots Technical Cooperation Leaflet)









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Regional vitality enhancement project for the independent development of Nanjo City and Victorias City