JICA Grassroots Project "Nanjo City x Victorias City, Philippines Project Activity News"

2014 Project Report (October 2, 2014-March 31, 2015)

Nanjo City and Requio Wings dispatched a baseline survey team to Victorias City, Negros Island, Philippines in October and agricultural experts in December to investigate the current state of policy, tourism and agriculture in the city, and provide future policy support. Agreed on cooperation policy in the agricultural field. In February, a policy section chief, an agriculture section chief, a tourism section chief, and three farmer representatives were accepted to conduct training in Japan to learn about agriculture, tourism, and regional brands in Nanjo City, and the Victorias City AET Action Plan was created. .. At the Nanjo City x Victorias City, Philippines Business Seminar held during the training, more than 100 people participated, and opinions about the possibility of future business development were exchanged and it was a great success. After the study team and training in Japan, many stakeholders such as the governments and farmers of both cities came together to further strengthen teamwork.

Visit to a farmer in Victorias City Confirmation of agricultural technology

Representative of a farmer learning to process agricultural products Creating an action plan

Nanjo City × Victorias City Business Seminar FM Nanjo Radio Appearance