JICA Youth Training Philippines-Learning the sixth industrialization in Okinawa-

JICA Youth Training Philippines Agribusiness and Agritourism Course was held.

Training period: February 8th (Friday) -February 22nd (Friday), 2019

Target: 15 people from the Republic of the Philippines (national and local government agricultural technology officers, university professors, etc.)

In this training, you will understand the methods of agribusiness and agribusiness such as the sixth industrialization of agriculture, branding, and marketing, and the functions and roles of government agencies, unions, companies, etc. in Japan. It is implemented for the purpose of formulating a feasible action plan.

In the agricultural sector of the Philippines, 30% of the total working population is engaged, while the GDP generated by the sector is currently only 10% of the total. There are also issues such as a decrease in the number of agricultural workers and an aging population. Under such circumstances, the 15 trainees are the first in Okinawa on how to add value to agricultural products, as well as the overall value chain for agricultural profits such as product processing and distribution system as well as production. I was able to deepen my understanding through high-quality lectures, inspections, and experiences by the instructors who are active on the front lines.

Please see the picture below for the training.

▲ Lecture on the value chain of the sixth industrialization

▲ Workshop after AET grassroots business report

▲ Lecture on regional revitalization through the sixth industrialization

▲ Visit to Okinawa Prefectural Agricultural Research Center

▲ Marshmallow challenge in the lecture of "Innovating"!

▲ Nanjo City Model Initiative Roundtable for Companies, Unions, and Government

▲ Experience making BBQ sauce at the agricultural experience-based accommodation facility "Aiai Farm"

▲ Action plan announced