Sponsored by Okinawa Tourist-Fly Anai! project-

☆ Okinawa Tourist Co-sponsored ☆

The other day, Mr. Higa also went to the sales office of Mr. Okinawa Tourist.

Mr. Higa, a first-year student of Fly Anai Youth, will be able to directly ask and ask for Mr. Higa's needs so that he can make reservations for airline tickets by himself, and his thoughts on the project. To speak directly.

I am very grateful to Okinawa Tourist, a local company, for sympathizing with Mr. Higa's dedication and passion! !!

For us, the NPO Requio Wings, which is the Okinawa desk, the experience of being able to understand and cooperate with local companies for the first time was extremely moving. To live together in the community and to create the community together. I'm really grateful to be able to get that concrete shape and want to jump ☆

Thank you very much, Okinawa Tourist! !!