The island of Negros, the city of Victoria, is overly dependent on the sugar industry and many were at risk of starvation during the sugar crisis of the 1980s. In 2013, Nanjo City and Lequio Wings visited the city of Victoria using JICA's overseas program to convert from the sugar industry to organic agricultural products and to maximize the use of local resources We started this project in October 2014, taking advantage of the experience of the city. We plan to continue civic/regional exchanges between the two cities after the project ends.

2014 project report (October 2, 2014 to March 31, 2015)

Nanjo City and Lequio Wings dispatched a baseline study team to Victoria City, Negros Island, Republic of the Philippines in October and an agricultural expert in December to conduct a survey on the city's policies, tourism and agricultural conditions3 We agreed on support and cooperation policies in the agricultural field. In February, the policy section manager, agricultural section manager, tourism section manager, and farmer representatives were accepted to conduct training in Japan to learn about Nanjo City's agriculture, tourism, and local brands, and the Victoria City AET action plan was created. .. At the Nanjo City × Victorias City Philippines Philippines Business Seminar held during the training, more than 100 people participated, and opinions about the possibility of future business development flew in and were a great success. After the study team and training in Japan, the teamwork was further strengthened by many concerned parties, including the administrations of both cities and farmers.

Visit to a farmer in Victorias City Confirmation of agricultural technology

Representative of a farmer learning to process agricultural products Creating an action plan

Nanjo City × Victorias City Business Seminar FM Nanjo Radio Appearance

2015 project report (April 1, 2015 to March 25, 2016)

In fiscal 2015, we dispatched experts to Victorias, Negros Island, Philippines twice a year (May/February) and conducted training in Japan in September. In the dispatch of experts, we are instructing how to make compost, and cultivation experiments are beginning to show results in the growing situation. In the training in Japan, we invited 12 trainees from Victorias city to learn about organic farming technology in Nanjo city and Agri-ecotourism case study in Okinawa prefecture. I will. The Nanjo City model is also used in various situations in Victorias City, such as the birth of a mascot, with reference to the town development that utilizes the Nanjo City character "Nanjii".

IMG_1395 CIMG4568

May Expert expert dispatch confirmation

May Composting training by dispatching experts

IMG_3114 IMG_2930

September Trainees studying agricultural processing in Japan

September: Experience blurring during training in Japan

FY2016 Project Report (April 1, 2015-March 25, 2016)

In fiscal 2016, we dispatched experts to Victoria City, Negros Island, Philippines three times a year (May/October/February) and conducted training in Japan in October. In May/October, we dispatch experts to provide workshops such as organic vegetable supply stability and planned production, as well as management methods for the opening of an organic market that specializes in organic vegetable sales and become a tourism resource. At Eco Park, we conducted model tours for the media. During the training in Japan in October, all 10 trainees participated in the Nanjo City Festival. A dance was performed by the trainees at the Philippine Victoria Festival, which was held at Ganju Station in Nanjo City. As a result, it became an opportunity to publicize to many people including Nanjo citizens that the two cities are working together. In February, we dispatched experts to discuss and agree on the evaluation contents at the end of this project and exchange signatures. In addition, a partnership was signed by Mayor Kojo of Nanjo City and Mayor of Paranca of Victoria City, which further strengthened the relationship of trust between the two cities.

State of workshop State of media tour

Participants signing up for a Victorian festival