Implementation period: April 2017-March 2020

AET will contribute to human resource development and job creation to promote sustainable urban development in Victorias City.

Implementation content:

Nanjo City and Requio Wings will carry out the "Victoria City Agribusiness / Agri Ecotourism Enhancement Project Utilizing the Nanjo City Model" from October 2014 to March 2017, in the fields of policy, agriculture and tourism of Nanjo City. We have achieved some results in our cross-cutting efforts. Based on this result, this project was started as the second phase with the goal of "the Victorias City staff can independently develop sustainable and attractive town development" until March 2020. In fiscal 2019, the final year of the program, we dispatched experts to Victorias City, Negros Island, Philippines three times a year (April, September, and February) and conducted training in Japan in November.
In April, we visited Victorias City with a total of 20 people, including JICA Okinawa, Nanjo City Council and Okitan Volunteer Association. The only Okinawan house in the Philippines was completed in Victorias City and held an opening ceremony. At the ceremony, traditional Okinawan performing arts were shown to the people of Victorias City.

In September, we invited 200 people from 17 local governments in West Negros, private companies engaged in tourism, NGOs, etc., and held an AET symposium aimed at expanding the AET model of Victorias City to other regions. It was a great success. Furthermore, the 1st AET Award was held with the aim of instilling community development through the AET project in Victorias City in the future, and 12 new groups and individuals were certified as models.

The final training in Japan in November was aimed at learning the experience of utilizing Japan's regional resources and examining the self-sustaining development of Victorias City in order to achieve the project goals, not only in Okinawa Prefecture. We visited 5 other prefectures and learned about regional revitalization cases. In addition, Nanjo City held a "Future Conference" to think about the future that both cities will walk together, and collaborated to create an action plan after the project was completed.

In the February dispatch, the three parties, Victorias City, Nanjo City, and Lequio Wings, agreed on the final evaluation created with Victorias City, and successfully exchanged signatures with Minutes. At the same time, Ryusou from the Nanjo City Tourism Association and the old uniform from the Bank of the Ryukyus were presented to Victorias City, which was a step toward building a new friendship.

Tourism workshop
Evaluation signature exchange ceremony at the end