Period: Scheduled to be accepted for 3 weeks every year from 2019 to 3 years

Outline: This training course mainly focuses on the educational administration and learning guidance guidelines of Okinawa Prefecture, especially the peace education guidance guidelines that have strengths in Okinawa, and the site of school guidance with the cooperation of the Okinawa Prefectural Education Agency. By observing the practice in Japan, a peace agreement was signed from the civil war in 2016, and it was decided that peace education would be the subject of primary, secondary and higher education. It is implemented for the purpose of understanding the significance and practical methods and contributing to the improvement and quality of peace education in Colombia.

Held a symposium with FC Ryukyu

We shared various "peace" contents of Okinawa prefecture with the trainees of Colombia in a short period of 3 weeks. The trainees have reported that they would like to practice according to the region and the actual situation in Colombia. Since this training is a three-year project, I would like to organize training so that Lequio Wings can help peace education in Colombia as much as possible.

Peace learned through theater and stage