Purpose: In this training, you will study and analyze market needs, and learn to combine the marketing perspective of developing products based on the analysis results and the branding that acquires added value by making use of regional characteristics. . In addition, learn step by step and three-dimensionally the efforts of Japan, especially Okinawa, related to the issues in the field (policy, experience leading to implementation, background and process, etc.), and also include not only successful cases but also failure cases , and how they are applied in society, the trainees aim to acquire the ability to carry out regional development based on marketing theory.
Due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus infection (commonly known as COVID-19), it is difficult for trainees to come to Japan.
11 trainees from 8 countries participated (Breakdown: 1 from Antigua and Barbuda, 1 from Bhutan, 3 from Botswana, 1 from Jamaica, 1 from Rwanda, 2 from Saint Lucia, 1 from Vietnam, and 1 from the Philippines).

Improvements and suggestions for next year:
In 2022, the trainees could not come to Japan due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, so it was conducted as a remote training, and the trainees watched the lectures in their spare time and submitted reports. On the Zoom training day, some trainees were unable to participate in the training due to work circumstances, problems with the internet environment, etc. In the midst of a global pandemic, there were situations in which it was not possible to fully grasp the situation in the country where the trainees lived or the area under their jurisdiction. However, the trainees reported that they were able to learn about industrial promotion methods that were difficult to learn in their own countries, and that the content of the training was very meaningful. I appreciate that I was able to do it. In the next fiscal year, we would like to consider training that can provide on-site experience while considering the social situation, with the visit to Okinawa in mind.