Implementation period: 2016-

Purpose: As a young leader in the field of agribusiness and agritourism in the Philippines, by understanding the methods in the same field in Japan and learning the method of community development with the participation of residents, it is possible to realize even the limited resources of the country. The purpose is to be able to generate possible regional revitalization ideas.

Implementation content:
At the beginning of the training, each institution will learn the basics of the sixth industrialization and related policies and measures, and the Japanese tourism industry, and include exchanges of opinions with people engaged in agribusiness and agritourism in the training content. I confirmed the importance of the collaborative relationship. Based on that knowledge, in order to gain a deeper understanding of actual examples of regional revitalization in Okinawa, the training will include a direct sales of agricultural products, a tour of a tourist farm, an eco-tour experience in Yanbaru, and a private lodging experience in Ie Island. It provided an opportunity for members to actually see and touch. In addition, we will deepen our knowledge about branding policies and environmentally friendly sustainable agri-ecotourism from the case of the cooperation project between Victorias City, Philippines and Japanese local governments in the JICA grassroots technical cooperation project, and learn together (win). -win) We have confirmed that attitudes and attitudes that create solutions on their own produce better synergistic effects.
At the end of the training, in order to experience the process of the sixth industrialization of agriculture in Japan and Okinawa Prefecture, new businesses that utilize local resources and local products, such as making original soda for each group and creating action plans, will be created. We are proceeding with the program so that it can be considered.

Visit to tourist farm