1. Objective: Collect karate clothes to support the Tanzania Gojuryu Karatedo Association, which practices karate as a human resource development for the youth who will be responsible for the next generation of Tanzania, and has an international perspective on youth in Okinawa Prefecture, especially Nanjo City. It aims to provide opportunities for recharge and international understanding.

2nd: Sunday, September 27, 2015, 10:00-17:00

3rd person: Africa event "Fun Africa in Nanjo 2015"

4 places: Nanjo City Cultural Center Sugar Hall

5 sponsorship/sponsorship

Organized by: Fun Africa in Nanjo 2015 Executive Committee (NPO Lequio Wings)

Supported by: Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture International Exchange and Human Resource Development Foundation, Okinawa Prefecture JICA Homecoming Experts Liaison Committee, JICA Okinawa International Center, Ryugin Internationalization Foundation

6 Contents

  • We will carry out PR activities to collect karate clothes from four major karate groups in Okinawa Prefecture, karate clothes manufacturers, and the general public, and mail the collected karate clothes to Tanzania.

Implementation content:

We interviewed the President of the Okinawa Karatedo Federation, the President of the Okinawa Karate and Kobudo Federation, the Chairman of the All Okinawa Karatedo Federation, the Okinawa Gojuryu Karatedō Shihan, and the President of Shureido Co., Ltd. to explain their purpose and request cooperation. We asked the Secretary-General of the Okinawa Karatedo Federation to cooperate in writing. In addition to this, we asked the general public to donate karate clothes when we covered the media and announced events. As a result, we were able to collect more than 200 karate clothes and obi belts from karate officials such as Shureido and the general public. I was aiming for 100 outfits, but I was able to collect double the number of karate outfits and I was able to reach the goal.

The collected karate clothes were sorted, sorted, and packed for mail, and then sent to Tanzania on October 15.

  • We plan an African event "Fun Africa in Nanjo 2015" in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about Africa and solicit donations of karategi. Also, hold an African photo exhibition. Within the event, an international understanding workshop will be held for young people to introduce Africa.

Implementation content:

  • Opening ceremony

We invited 12 trainees from 12 African countries who are undergoing technical training in JICA Okinawa, and a total of 18 trainees from other countries participated in the event in the morning and afternoon. The trainees in very colorful folk costumes excite the taiko workshops and live performances. At each booth, we interacted with the visitors and dyed the sugar hall in African colors.

At the opening ceremony, after a greeting from the party, JICA African trainees introduced their countries and called out and performed "Let's have fun in Africa!". The trainees started dancing at the performance, and the excitement of the ceremony.

  • Screening of the movie "The End of the World School Route"

"The Road to the End of the World" is a documentary work that surprises and impresses children who follow a road without a road for hours. In developed countries such as Japan, it is an obligation and a right for children to receive education. The school is located within walking distance or within reach of a school bus or public transportation, but the educational environment for the four children in this work is not at all. A Kenyan Jackson runs through a savannah where wild giraffes and elephants live. Carlos of Argentina heads to school with his horse after finishing work as a goatkeeper. Zahira, Morocco, attends a boarding school from a village with old customs that do not require education for girls. Samuel of India, who was born crippled and was pushed by his brothers into a wheelchair. The school road is full of danger, and it is a tough road for adults. Still, the children head straight to school. In Okinawa, many of the children have their parents drive to school, so we were able to see them and find that education is a passport that opens up the future.

  • Lecture by Tanzania Ambassador (Cooperation: Tanzania Embassy in Japan)

We invited the Ambassador of the Tanzania Extraordinary Plenipotentiary to Japan, Ambassador Batirda Salha Brian, to Okinawa and held a lecture. Explain the nature, history, culture and food of Tanzania. It was introduced that 10 out of 20 growing countries in the world are Africa and Tanzania is one of them, and that they are promising countries. Also, prior to the lecture, Austrian Mr. Werner performed a collaborative performance of Mozambique video and music in the hall.

  • African photography exhibition

We held a photo exhibition of the activities of Taku Uehara, an in-service teacher who is active in Africa as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer from Okinawa, and a panel exhibition that posted information about Africa's nature, food, people and movies. There was also a section where Mr. Werner introduced Mozambique video and musical instruments. There were many visitors who looked into the lively life of African people, and it was an exhibition to promote understanding of Africa. As a story of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in Africa, we explained the experiences of eight people who stayed in Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, Senegal, etc. to the visitors at the photo exhibition and each booth, and worked to promote understanding of Africa.

  • Africa & ethnic food stalls

There are many stalls such as Antal Kitchen in Ghana Curry, Sankakuya in Samosa, Turkish Locanta Kelebek in Turkish Ice, Gozza wrapped in meat in a bucket, and wind heaven of ethnic cuisine. As much as possible to sell African wine, I got the color of Africa displayed.

  • Sale of fair trade products

We exhibited Amam workshop in Nanjo city, GIVE-ON of African miscellaneous goods, and charity shop of Lequio Wings. The Tanzania Embassy also sold African folk crafts and pin badges and distributed pamphlets for free. With the cooperation of the Nanjo City Local Product Center, we introduced the specialty products of Nanjo City.

  • African painting "Tinga Tinga" experience

Mr. and Mrs. Okawa of Nanjo City, who have stayed in Africa, became a teacher and had a painting experience of Tingatinga. It became a popular corner with no breaks for people who experienced the whole day. I was able to provide an opportunity to experience a part of African culture.

  • Experience wearing traditional African costumes

We set up a corner to wear African costumes and take a commemorative photo. This booth was visited by people all day long, and many children especially experienced it.

  • Traditional Music Experience Workshop

Held a workshop to experience the traditional musical instrument "Jembe" of West Africa. Experienced members showed the songs they learned to the visitors during the live performance. I had a valuable experience of playing African musical instruments that I rarely see.

  • African music live

The first Jembe performance from 11:30 am and the second African music live from 4 pm. In the second session, Ghana's talking drum, Zimbabwe's mbira (finger piano) and West Africa's Jembe were performed, and many visitors enjoyed dancing and clapping their hands. The outdoor atmosphere of Tsukishiro Square was enveloped by the African breeze, and I was able to spend a happy time.

  • African book storytelling

50 picture books related to Africa were prepared and a picture book section was set up. A mini lecture on numbers and greetings, and a story-telling party for picture books were held. There was always a story-telling at a corner very popular with children.

  • Introduction of African play, Tinginga coloring book experience

Experienced "Bao", a children's play in Africa, and painted Tinginginga. Many children were enthusiastic about "bao" and coloring, and it became a corner where we could never leave.

  • JICA Africa Panel Exhibition

With the full cooperation of JICA Okinawa, a panel exhibition was held for the 50th anniversary of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, the 30th anniversary of JICA Okinawa, and the project introduction of JICA Okinawa. Some of the visitors enthusiastically listened to JICA projects, and were able to deepen their understanding of international cooperation.

7 Summary

We have implemented this case with the cooperation of many people, and we were able to successfully and safely end it in a peaceful atmosphere. The movie was full and the event was incredible with no end of visitors all day long. I was able to safely send karategi to Tanzania by collecting more than the target value. There were many youth visitors, and we were able to provide the opportunity for international understanding to the youth who will lead the next generation. Ambassador Bryan returned to Tokyo after deepening his understanding of Okinawa. JICA trainees also interacted with many citizens of the prefecture. From this, I was convinced that such an opportunity would be a great opportunity for participants from Africa and Okinawa to gather, interact, and get to know each other.

We hope to continue to contribute to Okinawa and the international community by providing such opportunities.