The "Philippines Victory Festival in Nanjo 2016" was held in October 2016. I will report the situation.

(1) Content and purpose of the business
Since August 2013, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, has been supporting the urban development of agriculture and tourism in the Philippines, West Negros State, Victoria City, in August 2013.
Negros Island is so active in sugar cane production that it is said to be a sugar island. However, due to its heavy reliance on sugar, large numbers of people suffered during the 1980s when the sugar price fell sharply during the sugar crisis. Against this background, Nanjo City and our corporation will rejuvenate the town in the field of processed organic vegetables and agricultural products other than sugar cane, and tourism, while telling Victorias City the experience of 10 years as Nanjo City merged as Nanjo model. I'm doing a project.
The purpose of this project is to make many people aware of the wonderful international activities that are taking place in Nanjo City, the colorful culture of the Philippines, the people who live enthusiastically in the land, the music of the Philippines, and food. , We will hold a Philippine event to introduce movies, with the aim of transmitting the new charm of Nanjo City.
There are 600 Filipinos living in Okinawa. There are many people related to the Philippines in Nanjo City, and we bring together the power of people who are attracted to the Philippines in Nanjo City. By carrying out this project, the "power to attract people = attractiveness" in Nanjo City will increase, and it can be expected to promote the internationalization of local communities in Okinawa Prefecture.
(2) Name: Philippines event “Philippines Victory Festival in Nanjo 2016”
(3) Date and time: Sunday, October 16, 2016, from 10:00 to 17:00
(4) Place: Ganju Station/Nanjo (Chinen, Nanjo City)
(5) Implementation system:
Sponsored NPO Requio Wings
Sponsored Nanjo City, JICA Okinawa International Center
Cooperation Okinawa Prefectural JICA Return Experts Association, Ryugin Internationalization Promotion Foundation, Okinawa Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Prefectural International Exchange and Human Resource Development Foundation

(6) Contents of implementation:
We installed a special stage in the parking lot at Ganju Station. From 10 o'clock, the opening ceremony was held by Mayor Kojo, Director Kawasaki of JICA Okinawa, and Vincent City Councilor Vincent. The opening was brilliantly decorated with a tree dance performance with 10 staff from. At the Welcome Ceremony from 13:00, the musical was played by 10 people from the city of Victoria. After that, the songs and dances (Bamboo dance etc.) by Mabuhai dancers by Filipinos living in the prefecture were introduced and the ceremony was lively. From 16:00, as a closing ceremony, Mabuhai performed songs and dances, and Victorias City performed a festival dance involving the audience.
A lecture was given by the Consul General of the Republic of the Philippines inside Ganju Station. Two times, 10:40 and 13:40, the Consul General of Alarcon gave a lecture on the history of the Philippines, the national flag, highlights, and its deep relationship with Okinawa. After that, Ms. Mikaru Nakazato, a Nanjo City employee dispatched to Victorias City Hall in the field of tourism, introduced the spread activity of each character of tree dance in Victorias City. The movie "Crossroad" was screened in the Philippines and was produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers.
At the hands-on booth in the hall, we had the opportunity to read Philippine picture books, make traditional musical instruments, make costumes and coasters, and make plastic boards.
At the JICA photo exhibition corner, a photo exhibition of activities by the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in the Philippines and introduction of JICA volunteers were held.
In the outdoor tent, 11 stores will exhibit, and tourist information on the Philippines, cold snack "Halo-Halo", Filipino food, roasted pork "Lecheon", ethnic food, fragrance spray making experience, bread, organic vegetables and processed products, ice sale And so on.
There were more than 1,000 visitors on the day, and Ganju Station/Nanjo was wrapped in the Philippine wind for one day. We have been able to cooperate with the people of Nanjo City who visited and accepted Victorias City so far. We received a great deal of support from the Philippine consul-general, as well as the Filipinos residing in the prefecture, and many Philippine visitors also visited. And it was the first opportunity for 10 members from the city of Victoria to introduce the city of Victoria abroad. I think that I was able to fully convey the tourist information, products and culture of Victoria City to the visitors. To that end, the people of Victorias have spent a lot of time preparing. The culmination of these efforts was demonstrated at this event.
It is an event that cannot be accomplished by our company alone, and we can safely and successfully end this project with the support and cooperation of a great number of people, including the Okinawa Prefecture JICA Homecoming Expert Liaison Committee and JICA Okinawa. I'm done.
Many people provided free and generous cooperation, bringing together the power of people who were attracted to the Philippines in Nanjo City. By conducting this project, I think that Nanjo City's "power to attract people = attractiveness" has increased and it has contributed to the promotion of internationalization of local communities in Okinawa Prefecture.
Our corporation will continue to contribute to Okinawa through the projects of international cooperation, international exchange, human resource development, and regional revitalization. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation in the future. Thank you very much. Sara Mat!