1. Purpose of implementation

In this project, as a stepping stone to the 60th anniversary of colonial Okinawa settlement, we will introduce the history and current situation of immigrants who flew from their hometown Okinawa after the war and went to Bolivia, Bolivian music and culture, and together with Okinawa headquarters. As a core, we hold workshops in collaboration with the World Federation of Youth Uchinanchus (WYUA), which has branches in the United States, Hawaii, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and the United Kingdom, especially while aiming to develop human resources that involve young people. Develop activities to create new "connections" for "Uchinanchu Network".

Through these activities, citizens, including young people, feel the expanse of Okinawa's worldview, deepen their international understanding and international flow, and create new “connections,” thereby creating the next-generation “Uchinanchu Network”. The purpose of this project is to develop human resources who will be "linkers".

2. Implementation system

Executive Committee: World Youth Uchinanchu Federation (WYUA), ICHARIVAMOS (volunteers involved in Bolivia), non-profit organization Lequio Wings

3. Implementation date and place
Sunday, August 4, 2013 from 10:00 to 16:00, AEON Haebaru store the first floor event open space

4. Specific activities

(1) Next Generation Uchinanchu Network Workshop
After the screening of "Another Okinawa" introducing Bolivian immigrants, two prefectural students from Bolivia (Asan Yara and Akina Yara) were present, WYUA Executive Director Chiho Higa and Vice Chairman Tsukayama. We introduced Erica (from Colonia Okinawa), the history and life of Colonia Okinawa, and Okinawa culture such as Sanshin and Acer rooted in Bolivia.
In addition, Mr. Minami Tamamoto, who is staying in Bolivia, reports on the state of the "Ryukyu country festival Taiko Bolivia branch" through an internet telephone, and the branch director Naoya Asato "preserves traditional culture by involving his or her own age. I want to do it."
The fact that young people of the 2nd and 3rd generations are carrying out activities in remote Bolivia with the desire to "protect the traditional culture of Okinawa" was conveyed to the younger generation of Okinawa. It was an opportunity to deeply think about the "connections of" and "inheritance of Uchinanchu's identity."
"I am impressed when I think that there are so many people who have liked Bolivia," said Mr. Naoya Asato, "From Bolivia (the people who liked Bolivia). I thought it was encouraging. We must do our best."

(2) “Wind from Bolivia”
・Bolivia Multi-Ethnic and Colonial Okinawa Introductory Panel Exhibition
In addition to introducing Bolivia's nature, animals, and food, he introduced the state of Colonia Okinawa, the Japanese language school in Colonia Okinawa, and the children learning there. In addition, teachers who have actually taught at the school of Colonia Okinawa and members who have been active as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in Bolivia are wearing traditional costumes and explaining the panel exhibition to the visitors. It was an opportunity to convey the information that was given in detail and to make Bolivia more familiar.
・Bolivian traditional music folklore live
South American folklore band active in Okinawa
A live performance was performed by "Los Afficionados". The venue was heated up with the sound of the sorrowful Kena and the introduction of musical instruments that are rarely seen in Okinawa.
・Bolivian traditional dance performance
Traditional dances such as Tobas, Capolares, Chacarella and Cueca were performed by the Bolivian dance group “Corazon Boliviano”, which is active in Tokyo. At the end of the stage, with the attendees dancing, a “tink” was performed and the venue was greatly excited.
・Three-line performance by prefectural scholarship students
2013 prefectural scholarship students and 6 members of the Ryukyu University Sanshin Circle show off "Asatoya Yunta" and "Tinsaghana" which they have practiced for this day. We arranged the famous song “Folk Lore Born in Bolivia” “Condor flies” into three-line music and listened to the collaboration between Bolivia and Okinawa.
・Let's play in Spanish
Members of the Spanish club "Amistad" conducted a program to encourage children to become familiar with Spanish by playing games using Spanish words.

(3) A distant but connected Bolivia
・Sale of South American specialty sweets
We sell South American sweets such as empanadas and Alfa Foret in cooperation with Peruvian restaurant "Titikaka". Part of the sales was donated to an NPO that supports Bolivia.
・Sales of South American specialty products
Members of the Okinawa Bolivia Association sold small items made using colorful Bolivian fabrics, and sold Bolivian specialty propolis.

5. Business results/feelings, etc.

More than 500 general attendees and 51 volunteer staff participated in the event.
Participants said, "I would like to have an event like this in our area (Nago)", "I knew the connection between Bolivia and Okinawa, and felt close to Bolivia", "Because I have relatives, I would definitely recommend Bolivia." I want to go to."
It is well known that many immigrants from South America came to Okinawa, but Bolivia had a smaller number of people than Brazil and Peru/Argentina, and had an image that it may have a weak connection with Okinawa. However, many of the visitors to the event have connections with Bolivia, such as "I have a relative in Bolivia", "I lived in Bolivia until 20 years ago", and "I have been a teacher in Bolivia". I was surprised by the number of people in the market.
At the time of the event, in addition to the 3 groups that make up the executive committee, 9 groups were sponsored and everyone involved actually visited the event, but these Bolivian officials who are latent in Okinawa It can be said that one of the great achievements was the establishment of a new "connection" with the parties involved in the international exchange.
In addition, the event was organized by the young generation such as ICHARIVAMOS (Observation of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers Bolivia OB, people who have volunteered at the Colonia Okinawa Japan-Bo School), the World Federation of Youth Uchinanchu, and prefectural students. .. Through event planning, new “connections” were created between young and energetic generations who have experience working overseas, and WYUA is at the core of next year's 60th anniversary of Colonia Okinawa settlement. Specific ideas such as the creation of new exchange projects in collaboration with
It is certain that the younger generation, who has a passionate desire to connect Okinawa and the world, planned such an event, listened to the live voices of many people, and made a network with them. It can be said that a major achievement was that it promoted the growth of the generation and contributed to the construction of the next-generation "Uchinanchu Network" that connects young people.

6. in conclusion

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the related organizations and persons concerned for their support and cooperation in the implementation of this project. In order to realize the idea of "connecting with everyone," which was the theme of this project, we could never have achieved it without connecting with everyone. Thanks to everyone's cooperation and support, we were able to create a new "connection" with Bolivian officials.
Our corporation will make the best use of the capabilities and experience of those who have experience of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, and we will continue to work on international exchange and regional revitalization so that Okinawa and other countries can be felt close to us. Thank you for your cooperation and conclude.
Yupeni Fadeville. MUCHOS GRACIAS!