Implementation period: From 2019

Purpose: To strengthen the Okinawa identity of trainees with roots in Okinawa, learn about regional revitalization utilizing the soft power of Okinawa, and provide a plan to revitalize the Japanese region to which they belong after returning to Japan. The purpose.

Details of the training: The participants of this training were Okinawan people, and 5 people from 5 countries, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, and Peru, who had a strong feeling and interest in roots Okinawa before the start of the training, participated. The combination of high-quality lectures, inspections, exercises, and experiences by instructors who are active on the front lines of Okinawa has made the training content so that you can experience the soft power of Okinawa in a better way than expected. In addition, through training such as the "5th World Uchinanchu Student Summit" and "Uchinanchu Network Formation Exchange Meeting", Okinawa Prefecture's government and citizens, as well as Japanese-Americans of prefectural origin, including trainees, can seriously exchange opinions and form networks. Provided a place. As a result, not only was it possible to experience the soft power of Okinawa's tradition, history, culture, and nature from various angles, but also the exchange of ideas between people was able to bring about a better synergistic effect in the training. , Reported by the trainee. In addition, the trainees have a sufficient awareness of the current situation regarding the activities of the prefectural associations of Latin American countries and the issues faced by the Okinawan community, and "re-recognition of Okinawa identity" and "strengthening the Uchina network between Okinawa and Latin America". We were able to deepen cooperation among the trainees toward the same goal.

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