Next-generation Okinawa to achieve SDGs
International Human Resources Development Project
Okinawa International Youth Development Project for SDGs

Implementation year: FY2021


New projects that can contribute to the SDGs and the Okinawa 21st Century Vision "Island of Exchange and Coexistence Open to the World" are proposed and aimed at developing international human resources for the next generation with the aim of putting them into practice.

Implementation content:

Members of the Okinawa SDGs Youth plan based on what they have learned so far: (1) acquisition of knowledge and know-how regarding international exchange and cooperation in Okinawa, (2) experience of internships at NGOs, and (3) learning about international exchange and cooperation. I have been working on writing books and presenting the results.

(1) After the kick-off meeting on May 18, the members of Okinawa SDGs Youth are divided into four fields, "food education / product development", "peace", "foreign human resources", and "environment", and are experts in each field. Participated in each subcommittee to which NGOs and companies belong, and acquired knowledge and know-how regarding international exchange and cooperation in Okinawa.

Kick-off meeting
Participating in the subcommittee

(2) In addition, members of the four subcommittees "Food Education / Product Development", "Peace", "Foreign Human Resources", and "Environment" experienced internships at NGOs and companies working on SDGs as occupations. ..

State of the event

(3) On December 5, based on what we have learned through PCM training, we will create a proposal for solving the problems of "food education / product development," "peace," "foreign human resources," and "environment." And announced the results on March 3rd.

State of PCM training
Achievement report meeting

 Business result report and efforts for the next time

The goals of the project are as follows: (1) As a bridge between the next generation of Okinawa international exchange and international cooperation, positive changes will occur in the future prospects of program participants and personal growth, and (2) solutions to the problems faced by young people in the region. Four or more projects are planned, and (3) it has been set to obtain four or more fields for young people to implement international cooperation.
Regarding the goal of (1), the participants had an experience that could not be done by studying at the university, such as the process for solving the problem and the work of thinking about the plan by themselves, and I experienced it here when moving toward the goal in the future. You can take advantage of that. As a student, I was able to think and act for myself. I think the experience of acting encourages me even as an adult. This experience will have a big impact in the future. It is reported that it was an opportunity to think about how the present is connected to the future.
Regarding the goal of (2), at the results report meeting, a project planned and planned to solve problems in the four fields of "food education / product development", "peace", "foreign human resources", and "environment" was announced. rice field. It can be said that this project is the result of hands-on support and formation of this project with the cooperation of NGOs and companies that are experts.
Regarding the goal of (3), I learned a lot not only from the four fields listed in (2) but also to learn a lot. I was able to change my way of thinking and behavior. I was able to experience the meaning of management and leadership when working as a team. It was a valuable opportunity to solve one problem among the same generation in the field of [knowledge / experience / discovery], such as the importance of identity such as knowing about our area through learning. I was able to interact with students from other universities, and was able to come into contact with the ideas and ideas of many people, including the field as a [horizontal network] and various NGOs and companies. It was a difficult opportunity to think about goals for the SDGs, and it can be said that we were able to acquire new fields from the four perspectives of the field as a [network with society]. Based on the above, we evaluate that the goals planned for this project have been achieved.
On the other hand, there were many postponements and changes in the schedule due to the Corona disaster. It turned out that it is very difficult to proceed as planned in the business operation in the with corona society. Also, I think it was difficult for the participants to maintain their motivation while the project period was long and the participants had their main academic studies. In addition, participants commented that not only students but also young people such as working adults have few opportunities to participate in the SDGs, learn, and form networks.
Based on these facts, we would like to consider shortening the period and focusing on the implementation of the next project, and targeting U-35s who are generally 35 years old or younger.


A detailed report is given in the following booklet. Please take a look.

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