Implementation period: June 5th to July 6th, 2019

Objective: To learn the educational efforts and practices of Okinawa Prefecture with the goal of raising the knowledge and awareness of the youth who will be responsible for solving the problems of elementary and secondary education administration as future leaders, and the ability of educational administrators in Jordan to formulate administrative policies. The purpose is to develop countermeasures for primary and secondary education in the home country based on sufficient discussions with experts and lecturers.

Contents of the training: In this training, a total of 7 people, including young educational administrators and teachers, were accepted for the training. In the training, and based on the educational issues of Jordan, lectures on the history and characteristics of education in Japan and Okinawa, educational administration system and efforts to deal with disparities, visits to kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools, special schools on the main island, Shimajiri A lively exchange of opinions was held through an opinion exchange meeting with the faculty members of Okinawa. On the final day, the action plan reported on Jordan's efforts to resolve issues through training.

Interaction with children