Implementation period: 2019-

The purpose of this project is to develop young people, mainly university students in Okinawa Prefecture, to become leaders in international exchange and cooperation, and to develop highly international human resources who will be the core of next-generation Okinawa through this project. And.

Implementation content:
In the Requio Youth Business, there are issues in society, and we will learn step by step from STEP 1 to STEP 5 what kind of activities NGOs are doing to solve those issues and how they are creating projects. It was carried out in the configuration. Through this project, participants were able to learn from the perspectives of "why is this project being carried out?" And "what kind of process was there before the project was completed?" In addition to the viewpoints learned, the fact that the corporation actually participated in international cooperation projects practiced overseas (Philippines) and in Japan transformed "learning" into "behavior", and (1) itself was a "grassroots project implementation organization". Outputs such as planning and practicing "interviews", (2) practicing PCM training within the university, and (3) reporting the results of the project at the International Volunteer Society were produced.
This year's initiative was carried out on a trial basis, but beyond the planned plan, the participants' idea of "I want to try it!" With the birth of NGOs, some young people are interested in working as NGOs. A new “vertical” and “horizontal” collaboration has been created by providing a place for young people who want to learn international cooperation in the prefecture to gather, learn, and practice, and to create opportunities for NGOs to nurture the next generation. It has been born, and it can be said that the momentum for internationalization of Okinawa Prefecture is budding through this project.

State of training